Teach what

you love

Offer a class on a skill or passion that is meaningful to you.

Enjoy a flexible


Teach as much or as little

as you want.

Earn some

extra money

Educators can earn over $50/hour, depending on how you set up your class.

At Unschool.school, we believe that educators are all around us. Perhaps you are an artist or a musician, an engineer or a programmer, a baker or a maker. Maybe you retired from many years of work and are looking to stay active and share some of your knowledge with young learners while earning some extra money. Maybe you have a regular job, but your real passion is astronomy, or photography, or U.S. history and you want to teach others. Join us!

We have created some videos below to help you in the process!



How to Register as an Educator

How to add a class as an Educator