Education, Not Schooling offers families access to a wide variety of alternatives to conventional K-12 schooling. From in-home microschools run by local parents and educators, to in-person group classes led by dynamic subject-matter experts, to out-of-school enrichment activities in your community, supports and champions real-life learning without schooling.

Passion-Centered Learning

By creating connections to an array of local schooling alternatives and passionate educators, helps families shift from a one-size-fits-all schooling model to a personalized learning model focused around each learner’s distinct passions and goals.

The Value of Educators

Our communities are brimming with talented and knowledgeable educators, from individuals with specialized skills to retirees with a lifetime of experience. activates this enormous talent pool by providing a platform for these diverse educators to offer local, in-person group classes based on their skills and experiences. Educators are able to share their wisdom and expertise with enthusiastic young learners, creating access to a high-quality, engaging, and deeply authentic education.

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