Policies and Standards




Unschool.school is an open marketplace of K-12 learning experiences outside of conventional schooling, helping to connect parents and educators on behalf of youth learners throughout the United States. These in-person group learning experiences take place in local spaces in a learner’s community with local educators and are not directed or managed by Unschool.school. As such, we strongly encourage parents to oversee their child’s interactions and engagement during these in-person group learning experiences.




Unschool.school does not control the content or quality of classes offered on its platform and class and educator quality are judged through visible parent reviews on the platform. If an educator receives consistently poor reviews, or if parents complain about offensive or hateful class content, he/she may be removed from the platform at Unschool.school’s discretion.




At Unschool.school, we believe that educators are all around us and have much wisdom and knowledge to share. We do not require educators to have any special credentials or certifications to offer classes through Unschool.school.


Educators determine their own class content, teaching approach, and educational philosophy. They are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible about their class and instructional style in the class description. Educators must abide by Unschool.school’s non-discrimination policy and provide a safe and tolerant learning environment for all learners. Educators must also abide by all copyright and intellectual property laws when incorporating external curriculum resources and/or materials into their classes.


Educators set their own prices for each class, as well as any additional materials costs. All classes and additional costs are subject to a 20% service fee by Unschool.school, with educators receiving the remaining 80% of the class price and 80% of any materials costs.

Unschool.school provides educator liability insurance for educators when, and only when, they deliver classes offered and booked through the Unschool.school platform. 


Educators are required to complete and pay for an independent basic background check through Good Hire, and to send their clear background check to Unschool.school in order to be added to the platform. The Good Hire basic background check traces names on nationwide criminal and sex offender databases, as well as an SSN identity trace, and a domestic watch list search. At this time, we are welcoming U.S. educators only on the Unschool.school platform.


Educators should keep all communication with parents and other educators within the Unschool.school platform, and be responsive to parent concerns and questions.




Parents are the ones ultimately responsible for determining the quality and effectiveness of an educator and/or class, and should be vigilant in monitoring their child’s participation in any class offered through the Unschool.school platform.


Parents should make certain that their child arrives on-time and prepared for each class, and is respectful towards the educator, the learning environment, and other learners. If a child is disruptive or disrespectful, the educator may remove the child from the class at his/her discretion.


Parents should be aware of and abide by each class’s cancellation policy, which is established by each educator and visible upon class enrollment. If an educator cancels a class, the parent receives a refund for that class.


If a parent acts inappropriately or disrespectfully on the Unschool.school platform or in on-site interactions with educators, learners, and learning spaces, that parent may be removed from the Unschool.school platform.


Parents should keep all communication with educators within the Unschool.school platform, and be responsive to educator concerns and questions.


Parents should provide honest, timely feedback and ratings to the educator, and notify Unschool.school promptly of any concerns.





If parents and educators have any questions or concerns, they should contact Unschool.school at info@unschool.school.