Launch a POD in your area

Unschool POD = Plan of Discovery

Small, mixed-age groups of learners gathering in homes or local community spaces.


Have you been thinking about starting a microschool, pod or hybrid education program but don’t know where to begin? Are you intrigued by the microschool model but don’t want to be the primary educator and administrator? Would you like to be part of the growing microschool movement? 

Launch a POD in your community!

What is an Unschool POD? 



While our PODs program was not born out of the COVID-19 pandemic there are elements of this program that will undoubtedly appeal to families concerned about the reopening of schools,  the quality and capacity of traditional offerings in these times and above all health and safety. You may find the following points relevant when exploring the concept:

  • PODs will operate  under the homeschool umbrella, which allows for freedom and controls that cannot be provided through traditional public and private school options. In other words, our families can truly drive the bus.

  • PODs will organically build microschool communities where families will have detailed knowledge, understanding and interface with one another. 

  • STABLE GROUPS- PODs will likely create about a stable of a small community group as one could find related to providing a community based learning experience that falls within a traditional school day. 

  • It’s likely PODs will be able to continue when restrictions have other models of learning closing down or quickly pivoting to a distance scenario. This will be possible due to the smaller sizes and stability of PODs based in-person groups as well as the  level of family control and input under the homeschooling umbrella. 


While Unschool is an open marketplace for all things alternative (and non-alternative) learning, we understand that some families are looking for an alternative to traditional paths with some definition and structure. 


Many families would love to homeschool, but may be nervous about taking the plunge or unable to for a variety of reasons, ranging from career obligations to questions about being qualified to serve as a primary educator. Many families cannot devote the time or afford the expense of homeschooling. Some parents just don’t want to cross the line between parent and formal educator. There are some families that also want more of a structure to their homeschooling. They may be coming from a more traditional program, and feel their learners need more accountability. Parents may also feel as though they need a solid framework for their child’s education. The Unschool POD gives learners and parents that structure. 


The Unschool POD program is created for those families who want the rich and rewarding homeschool experience without having to do the work of homeschooling all by themselves. 


Our main program is the Unschool Local Learning Network, made up of PODs. A POD stands for “Plan of Discovery” and it is a 5-6-week learning expedition with a focus. Unschool has taken a look at local markets and communities and created this program, which offers families an opportunity to join a fully functional alternative, community embedded,  learning environment. 


The POD is led by an educator who may or may not have assistants. The size of the POD is decided by the Pod leader.


You can take a POD that interests you, or string all the PODs together to create a full-time alternative to traditional school.  


You may choose this as a launchpad to alternative learning or as a vehicle to create your own hybrid program which takes advantage of elements of the micro-school while allowing you and your learner to explore other classes and local opportunities at the same time, or you can enroll in our POD program as a full time student. 


Our POD program preserves family autonomy, while also embracing many best practices in education with a focus on key elements such as community, projects-based learning and visible ties to key standards and practices, which provide students with choice rooted in passion, sound content and learning theory. 

You can also create your very own POD through our platform by registering on our site. If you would like help, we are here to guide and support you with what you need to start. 

Why build a pod with us? 

  • Our platform and marketing can connect you with local families interested in joining your POD

  • You and your POD families will have access to templates, guidance, locations willing to work with you, and support on what you need.

  • The success of your POD can open up opportunities for you to share and market your work to other platform educators (think teachers pay teachers)

  • We can provide you with consultation on everything from finding a space to choosing curricula. Our team is easily reachable by phone, email or text.

  • Our platform provides a safe, secure environment to process and manage payments if you are charging money.

  • As a vetted  Unschool educator you receive liability insurance, giving you peace of mind while focusing on what matters most, connecting with learners.

  • Our PODs educators all go through a quick yet powerful background check, which is important to families.

  • We have seasoned school administrators, alternative school gurus, and those with business and entrepreneurial backgrounds ready to help you build, enhance and sustain your program.



To access our POD builder, simply sign up as an educator and then find the "add a POD" function on your educator panel.